My Story

How I Got Here


I see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things. As a wife and mother of four, my love for these things has only grown over time!
My passion for natural childbirth started during the pregnancy of my oldest son, in 2012. As my husband and I sat through our first series of birth classes, our awe for how the female body works during childbirth grew and I couldn't believe that it wasn't common knowledge to everyone! 
From then on out, I felt compelled to help educate and prepare women and their partners for the process of childbirth! In 2015, through rigorous training, I was certified through the American Association of Husband-coached Childbirth to teach Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes. As my passion to help women continued to grow, I decided to step away from The Bradley Method and begin teaching more inclusive, up-to-date information, for a broader, more diverse demographic of people!!
I would be honored to help you and yours prepare for the natural and informed childbirth you desire, by preparing both you AND your partner for the trials and joys to come!